Warbirds Indiegogo Campaign Update

Warbirds has reached its initial goal and its first stretch goal! Thank you to all of our supporters for donating to the campaign. On to our next goal: a WWII expansion! Check out the campaign at Indiegogo.com

Warbirds Now Up At Indiegogo.com

Outrider Studios is proud to present our latest RPG. Warbirds is a diesel-punk air combat adventure game. It’s full of high-flying action, interesting characters, and a fantastic setting. We are now crowdfunding the game via Indiegogo. Check it out, donate, and help bring Warbirds to life.

Remnants: The Broken Lands Now Available!

Remnants: The Broken Lands is now available in both PDF and print! Get your copy at DriveThruRPG.com.

Remnants: The Broken Lands Release Date

Remnants: The Broken Lands is set to be released on February 14!  The first expansion for the popular Remnants role playing game by Outrider Studios will include new setting information, NPC stats, plot hooks and more. Get your copy in print or PDF at DriveThruRPG.com.