Please introduce yourself if…

You’re a game designer/writer who has an awesome idea you want to pitch*
You’re a game designer/writer who wants some advice**
You’re an artist who would love to work with us***
You’re a fan who wants to give us a high five****
You’re a fan with a question about our games or the Rapidfire System*****
You’re a fan who wants a particular new game, expansion, mod, or adventure path******
You’re a fan who thinks we could pull up our game design sock (left one)*******
You’re a fan who thinks we could pull up our customer service sock (right one)********
You’d like to enquire about carrying our games in your retail store*********
You’d like to enquire about carrying our games in your online store**********
You’d like us to exhibit at your convention***********
You’d like to talk about our games in your blog, podcast, forum, newsletter, telepathic communications************
You just need someone to talk to*************

We’re here to help, we’re collaborative, and we don’t think criticism is a dirty word, so what are you waiting for? Reach out using the form below!

*While we are willing to take a look at any pitch and thank you like crazy for your commitment to this medium, we’re not sure if we’re ready for publishing someone else’s game yet. However, reach out anyway, your awesome idea may just change our mind.
**We don’t mind giving advice to new game designers who really want to breathe life into something they love. We’re passionate about that too and we’re always grateful to help out.
***We love artists and work with a talented pool from around the globe. We always pay our artists and even if we can’t use your style just yet, we may know someone who can.
****Give us some skin!
*****Contact us directly (we’re happy to answer), drop it on our Facebook Page, or throw it up on (we love that place, our fans are there, and we’ll chime in).
******We’re always thinking about what comes next, so if you want something in particular it definitely couldn’t hurt to tell us!
*******Like we said, criticism isn’t a dirty word. Tell us what you think here or drop it on .
********We’re definitely interested in how we could be better helping out our fans. Help us help you!
*********Nothing like the sharp edges of our paper on your smooth wooden shelf.
**********Nothing like our soft tiled…icons…on your…smooth web…page? We don’t know how to put it, but we’re into it 😉
***********We don’t have any plans to exhibit right now, but we’re open to the possibility.
************We may have some trouble telepathically, but we love to talk about games and gaming with anyone!
*************We’re great listeners. Tell us how you feel.